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Making love

When we think of making love

We think about intimacy

However, making love is an activity, two or more people engages in, which includes the exchange of mutual affection.

Pairing with someone that’s compatible; knowing what’s expected.

The activity just so happens to be “sex”.

But What if?

The activity change

Does the title still remain the same

Cause saying “we’re just painting”

Seems so plain.

When you’re next to me and I’m next to you.

And we laughing and talking, you know, the things we do.

Furthermore, someone else comes along; now we’re having a threesome, with our clothes on.

Engagement gets more tension, if the person is relatable.

But if evil comes along; the situation becomes debatable.

But it’s moments we create that’s pure, moments we’re ourselves, moments when nothing else matter.

Moments we make love.

Shena Silver
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