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Our Motto: Let Us do the work. We're in this together.    

FRIENDSRFAMILY LLC was established June 3, 2021, as a Limited Liability Company under North Carolina State laws by Shena Silver. S. Silver had 15+ years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Business Description:

FRIENDSRFAMILY is a brand that recognizes the relationships one has with another that’s not DNA related. However, shares have the same value. This brand idea came from the founder relocating from a small town to a large city. The experience was a life changing due to the size, environment, and exposure. This transition caused loneliness to depression, increased anxiety, discouragement, and other negative emotions. However, long after meeting people such as coworkers, bystanders, and strangers, things became more at ease. The opportunities to meet reliable, trustworthy, caring, and lovable people was life changing mentally. This beautiful situation contributed to the new life adjustments less stressful and more comfortable. Therefore, this brand was created for relatable people. People that create families among individuals outside of related family, the individuals one was birth to.

Business Mission:

This business mission is to create new services that support the meaning of this brand. This business mission is to change the lives of individuals and their families by offering numerous satisfying services. Leading contribution to creating new services that give employment opportunities to support the financial wealth of many employees that provide services to our company. Our Moto is “we’re in this together “and we support that 100%.

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