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Eliminate Emotions

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Take all the negatives and make into positives.

A negative (-) times (x) a negative (-) equals 🟰 a positive (+)

Nobody: so ima take this negative situation and this negative habit and it's going to equal up to my growth (positive).


I don't understand why people that think they’re more superior than others when all that you have can be gone by tomorrow and all that I don’t have can come in a blink of an eye.

March 12, 2024 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group! FRIENDSRFAMILY LLC created this environment to promote MENTAL RECOVERY & REDIRECTION by expressing thoughts and advice with the thought of eliminating emotions to help make more logically decisions. Also, to learn how to cope with emotions. Feel free to express you thoughts as well as give feedback to ones who decide share anything. STAY TUNE IN ! #FRIENDSrFAMILY

Cut the middle man; go straight go the source! #EliminateEmotions

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