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Eliminate Emotions

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When you tell ppl your business, you open the invitation for them to have an opinion.

One thing we can’t control is someone’s opinion. Therefore, we must know how to embrace someone’s thoughts and opinions. We all have different thinking processes. We all view things in angles that make us comfortable.

Furthermore, depending on the character of that person; determines how information you have gave out; goes out. Or maybe it won’t. You have the know who you are talking to when you’re talking. A lot of times we talk to the wrong person.

Go get a therapist!

Don’t tell people your business if you aren’t 100% sure they will give the ear to listen. Know they will have an opinion. However, confirm that they will not use it against you. Meaning! To Know their character. Be aware; people can be different characters to different situations away from you. Which is important to get to know who you surround yourself with.

When you tell people your business you open the invitation for them to have an opinion and whatever else.

Jamar B
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