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Eliminate Emotions

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Friendship is not just favors, vacations, and gossip.

Some may lack the knowledge of what friendship really is, overlook the recommendations, or just uses people for whatever that benefits them.

Friendship is a pure & honest connection you have with individuals.

Friendship doesn’t have a judgment traits towards individuals; accepting individuals as they are opens relationships to a new level of security.

Friendship model accountability; Knowing how to tell a friend when they’re wrong but also respecting the individuals point of view.

Friendships are to be build on. Elevation is always the key. Friends build on each others character and goals of life. Friends get to know each other and their backgrounds. Friends always uplift each other emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Friendships have genuine love. Friends take honor in knowing someone trust you enough to share confidential information. Friends don’t become “news reporters”. However, friends seek help when knowing their friend is in any "danger zones" of life.

Friendships are unbreakable. All friends have disagreements! All people have disagreements! Friends work out the issues. Friends come direct rather share with the next people.

Friendship is not just favors, vacations, and gossip.

Shena Silver
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