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Eliminate Emotions

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Sometimes having the beliefs that your dreams and wealth will be actuality, at a higher level of life can be a disadvantage to growth.

We get so arrogant with the pros of being professionals/business owners. Then become so doubtful when things seems to switch up such as; the lack of business, the lack of revenue, the lack of interest to your audience, and such. In addition, your thoughts mixed with emotions can be a silent killer.

Signing up for change is to exchange your comfortability.

Signing up for change is to exchange your “I should be in a specific position” to what’s really reality.

Signing up for change is to exchange your old habits.

We ignore the steps, the process, and forces the clock to move cause we want things to be on our timing.

Life is not a competition nor a race; regardless of your status of life; you’re aiming towards greatness so you’re still shining.

Relax & take it one day at at time.

Relax & complete goal after goal.

The reward is waiting for you.

Shena Silver
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